Google refuses to put Rompshire on the map

Lost in Rompshire IINDMGoogle is still refusing to put the County of Rompshire, England on its maps. This makes it difficult for visitors to find their way here. Google’s law firm, Grit, Grim, and Nasty, say Rompshire is a fictional county.

The Institute is slowly formulating its response.

Fictional or not, it didn’t stop a delegation from the Dudeist Church from finding their way to Crumpetworthy Hall. We learned about bowling, a fine slow activity.

Here at Crumpetworthy Park, deep in the English countryside, life in the sophisticated slow lane continues. A party of Toastmasters found its way to Crumpetworthy Hall in search of the BOOK OF TOAST. Read Arthur Bing-Chumply’s account here.

 The Slow Path

When all attempts to combat boredom are given up,

When rush, hurry, and deadlines are abandoned,

When the laptop is turned off,

When the phone is out of reach,

And the buzzing multitasking world is put on hold,

This is the time to get comfortable,

This is the time to listen to the quiet,

This is the Slow Path to Not Much.

Aspiring to go slow

The Book of the Slow Path goes on to say, she who is at peace with herself can enjoy doing not much. She can lie abed of a morning and drink a cup of tea.

She does not fill every moment with planned activity. She is unafraid of unstructured time, and the terrifying threat of boredom. She can take life as it comes. She can let her thoughts go where they may.


Your membership confers (dare we say it) ‘instant’ sophistication. We may even offer you a knighthood for loyalty and service to the International Institute of Not Doing Much. You can be of service by telling your friends about the IINDM.


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