The slow path to not much

Picture of the Institute
IINDM HQ at Crumpetworthy Park

“It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing.”    ―Gertrude Stein

About the IINDM

Slow down, do less, and the timeless wisdom of festina lente (make haste slowly) are just two of our guiding principles. The Institute is located in the County of Rompshire at Crumpetworthy Hall, deep in the English countryside. Residential programs provide sumptuous surroundings in which to fully relax.


The IINDM has a thriving slowosophy department with a focus on tubberology, the art of soaking in the bathtub.

Slow history

Our slow historians are  diligently reinserting the slow bits into history that have been so callously left out. Crumpetworthy Hall is also home to the Slow Way, an ancient text of wisdom and silence from the Institute’s deep past.


Crumpetworthy Hall is an advanced comfortabology research establishment. In the laboratory, relaxologists are slowly perfecting the world’s most comfortable sofa.

Please note, our “How to Get Comfortable” series is currently oversubscribed.

Slow standards

Responsibility for keeping up slow standards falls upon the membership committee. Members are expected to set an example by avoiding gratuitous multitasking, and practicing minimal effort at all times.

Slow manifesto

The Slow Party (SP), our political arm, is located on the other side of  Crumpetworthy Park in the nearby village of Little Upford. The SP recently revised its manifesto. Yet not all members are interested in activism. Many prefer relaxing in the hammock room in order to think about this and that, slowly.

Random communication

Once in a Blue Moon Communications (OBMC) is the official media outlet for the International Institute of Not Doing Much, and is responsible for sending tardy messages to the membership at random intervals. OBMC aslo runs the Slow News Blog, and publishes Letters to the Institute.

Slow outreach

Arthur Bing-Chumply is now chair of the Slow Think Tank (STT) and is responsible for coordinating slow consulting, and slow outreach.

Visitors are welcome for a tour of the libraries and tub rooms on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30.  You may use the ritual hammock in the East Wing, except every third Wednesday when Mrs. Plessey comes in from the village to clean the regalia. Please be at the gatekeeper’s lodge early.