The slow path to not much

Mistress of languid studies

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Institute, look around and enjoy the slow path to not much.

Beware, multitasking is dangerous.

Are you trying to do too much? Maybe you’re attempting to eat breakfast and floss at the same time. Are you trying to exercise and sleep simultaneously? Do you talk on the phone during your meditation practice?  These are the telltale signs of a medical condition known as gettingthingsdoneitis, a disease clinically proven to cause rudeness, bloating, and blunder.

If you have little time and a lot to do, you may be at risk of gettingthingsdoneitis. Left untreated it can lead to full-blown rushaholism.

If gettingthingsdoneitis is getting you down, why not travel the slow path, and in time achieve not much. See the Institute’s list of 10 1/2 suggestions for how to slow down.

Yours in slowness,

Amanda Gladly, Secretary

International Institute of Not Doing Much

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Crumpetworthy Park

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