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Picture of the Institute
IINDM HQ at Crumpetworthy Park

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Slow rules

The IINDM confers rights upon its members. But those rights come with responsibilities. Here is a partial list of rules dreamed up by the membership committee.

  1. Members must agree to not overdo it.
  2. Members while not actively ruminating, or considering things, should rest.
  3. New members shall confine themselves to the libraries, sofas and armchairs on the first floor, the dining room, and all bathtubs on the lower level.
  4. The subject of regalia shall not be spoken of to non-members.
  5. If elected to an elevated position the member agrees not to be too snooty.
  6. Members shall take every opportunity to slow down and adopt the Slow Manifesto.
  7. Members no longer living may be identified as belonging to the Institute. It is well known that Marco Polo, John Constable (who painted the Institute’s Great Hall upon the hill), and Elsie Arbuthnot were members.

We impress upon you the gravity of your decision to submit yourself to the slow path to minimal effort, and—in time—attain not much.