Festina Lente

The Institute apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the disappearance of our festina lente blog. Upon hearing of the disappearance some of our members went out to search for it.

Looking for festina lente
Looking for festina lente

But impulsiveness is a problem, even here at Crumpetworthy Hall.

We were hoping to explain to them that it was an experiment to discover whether doing one more thing could be achieved without too much misery. It couldn’t.

Festina Lente (make haste slowly) is very much what we’re all about and instead of having a separate blog, we plan to address the topic here in Slow News.

festina lente symbol

2 thoughts on “Festina Lente”

  1. Dear Mr. Easy Ed,

    While the Institute sympathizes with the stress caused by any contact with bureaucracy, it cannot condone the sort of lawlessness that might lead to your confinement by the authorities.

    Slow permits issued by the IINDM are only valid within the boundaries of the County of Rompshire, so, at this time, we are unable to offer practical assistance.

    However, once you have fulfilled your obligations, we suggest a well-earned lie down.


  2. I have been practicing slowness for some time now. My way of life has caused me to miss several bureaucratic deadlines–payment of taxes, completion of permits. The speedy people are threatening my philosophy with fines and jail time.

    Do you have any thoughts on prison? At first blush, I think that it would ideal. Prison would slow my days, limit my actions, give me time to rest and reflect on not much of anything.

    Slip sliding along, Easy Ed

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