Tech-no-hiccup went so slowly yesterday that it ground to a halt. We apologize.Our technical therapist from the Interweb Department read the site’s ailment from her tea leaves.

After several more cups of tea and incanting some tech-no-babble, the site was persuaded to behave normally.

On an administrative note: Our membership agreement has changed. The rule (Old Rule 3) about new members not asking when the Institute’s Board will meet has now been retired.

In an effort to uphold a sense of transparency and slowness, the Board has agreed to meet every tenth year. The next meeting will be on February 9, 2026. If you have an item you’d like discussed, please forward it to us before that date.

With regard to full disclosure about the now defunct Rule 3, Mrs. Plessy, the woman who comes in from the village twice a week to clean the regalia, found the key to the boardroom.  The previous (1929) agenda has now come to light. It was locked in the boardroom for the last 87 years. Some of the notes are still legible. The topic of discussion was advisability of installing a telephone at the Hall. The vote was evenly split, with Chairman, Major Blunder, abstaining.

Last week’s meeting agenda focused on more education for counter urgency. The Board is aware of growing hostile factions who are under the impression that everything should be done quickly.

The IINDM is fully backing the Slow Party in the upcoming Rompshire elections.