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Slow Party Platform

With the upcoming elections soon to be upon us, the Slow Party has finally announced its position on the economy, education, crime, international relations, and defense. Read about it here. Vote Slow.

The Pie of Troy

The IINDM history department has just finished translating an ancient text, The Pie of Troy, documenting a conversation between the Greeks and the Trojans. Learn about this new discovery here.

In other slow news

The Society for the Promotion of International Languorousness (SPOIL) awarded Arthur Bing-Chumply a research grant of an undisclosed figure.

His research will be focused on producing the most comfortable sofa known to mankind. Research volunteers should apply in person at the Institute.


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3 thoughts on “Slow News Update”

  1. Dear Mr. Slow Davy,

    Only those who can find their way to Dr. Bing-Chumply’s laboratory can participate in the comfortabology studies. You’ll need a complete physical first to see if you can withstand extreme luxury and comfort.

    Here’s the address:

    Arthur Bing-Chumply, MD, OS
    International Institute of Not Doing Much
    The Hall,
    Sofa Laboratory 6,
    Crumpetworthy Park,

    Thank you for your interest.

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