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Dear Visitor:

Welcome to the International Institute of Not Doing Much (IINDM). Nowhere else will you experience ‘counter urgency’ at its finest.

If you’re suffering a nasty case of busyness, our How to Slow Down guide should be almost helpful.

Our guiding principle is the timeless wisdom of festina lente (make haste slowly). The IINDM is an ancient institution founded as a place of study of slowosophy, the philosophy of slow, and comfortabology, the art of getting comfortable.

Slowing down is not for everyone. Impulse, time-poverty, and rushaholism are rampant. There are those who are just too far gone. But if you’re ready to throw seriousness aside for a while, you could become one of us.

Why not join our six thousand members (at last count)? If you’re going to slow down and enjoy life more, you’re going to have to give something up. Yet with determination and patience you too can take the slow path and in time attain not much.

The slow path is not easy. Membership comes with responsibilities.  You should expect to do very little, and that’s not easy for some people. Yet the benefits are many. You can relax in the knowledge that if you weren’t sophisticated before you joined us, you will be afterward.

Thanks again for eventually finding your way here. Our site has many pages. Enjoy your visit. Amble back and see us when you can.

Yours in slowness,

Amanda Gladly, Secretary
International Institute of Not Doing Much
The Hall,
Crumpetworthy Park,

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