Slow down, do less

Sophisticated life in the slow lane

Dear Visitor:

Welcome to the International Institute of Not Doing Much (IINDM). Recent studies at the Institute have identified time poverty as a direct cause of Pathological Rushing Syndrome (PRS). Symptoms include irritation, bloating, and general grumpiness.

Many people blame a lack of slow education for attempting to cram too much activity into a short space of time. From there, things can so easily lead to a depraved state of multitasking. Early symptoms show up as medical condition known as Gettingthingsdoneitis. But there is help. Nowhere else can you experience counter urgency at its finest. You, too, can take the slow path and eventually attain not much.

Why not join us and become one of our more than 6,000 slow members? You’ll need to agree to our strict guidelines. But you will receive slow news from Once-In-A-Blue-Moon-Communications direct from our office at Crumpetworthy Hall.

Joining us comes with responsibilities. You’ll have to commit yourself to the exacting task of not doing much. Please see our slow manifesto.

Our guide, how to slow down, should be almost helpful for the chronically busy. But not all agree. There have been letters of complaint.

Our educational programs start with practical idling. Advanced topics such as minimal effort may seem daunting to the beginner, but with time and application, new members of the Institute will get the hang of it.

Advanced research at the Institute continues to address glaring errors of history and to reinsert the previously expunged slow bits.

Our ancient institution was founded as a place of learning and development for the philosophy of slow (slowosophy). Slowing down means doing fewer things yet enjoying those activities more. As masters of slow well know, what to give up is often the hardest part of any decision.

The Hall at Crumpetworthy Park is open to visitors on the third Wednesday of the month. We’ll be happy to show you the hammockarium and the couch room at 2 p.m. Tea will be served in the downstairs Blue Library at 4 p.m. However, the bathtubs are currently for members only due to a plumbing problem.

If you would like to visit in person, please send a letter to me at the following address, or show up early at the gatekeeper’s lodge.

Yours in slowness,

Amanda Gladly, Secretary
International Institute of Not Doing Much
The Hall,
Crumpetworthy Park,

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