Picture of the Institute
IINDM HQ at Crumpetworthy Park

Dear Member,

We have been technically embarrassed.

If we sent you one of two test messages, we are sorry to have disturbed your peace and quiet.

We’ve just transferred  our website and member list to another hosting company. Surprisingly this hasn’t been as easy as imagined. We are learning the proper way to send email from this new system. We thought we were pressing the test button and not live one.  Sorry.


The moment we realized the error, it was pandemonium. Shouting at the computer didn’t work.  Plan B was to find the halt button. That did work. But not before those emails had escaped.

They were last seen running across the grounds of Crumpetworthy Park.

We regret any offence, especially the second test, whose content wasn’t meant for public consumption. No one should be exposed to thoughts on existentialism without warning.

If you received the first test, then you’ll already know about the new story: Arthur Bing-Chumply tells of  The Book of Toast. And in Slow News: Google refuses to put Rompshire on the map.

And apologies again for the tech-no-bungling.

Your in slowness,

Amanda Gladly
The Hall
Crumpetworthy Park
Rompshire, England